"Celebrating Our Own"


OPENING FILM:   BELEH by Christa Eka Assam

Brief SynopsisBELEH Is a quirky, poignant look at gender roles. Ekema's hard and uncompromising attitude towards his heavily pregnant wife, Joffi, is quickly revised when he gets to spend an entire day in her shoes. ... read more

Title: BELEH 
Director: Christa Eka Assam 
Producers: Christa Eka | Achille Brice 
Duration: 26minutes 

Closing Film

Our closing film will be selected from the short films going in for the Best Short Film In Competition Award. The winner of this category will be screened as the closing film of the festival. 

Special Programs

The complete list of special programs to run during the first edition of our festival will be published soon on this page.


Education brings transformation, that is why workshops are part of festivals - to share while learning. ACSFF is planning workshops in the following  fields.

  • Film-making
  • Let's Talk Post
  • Photography
  • Marketing (seminar)
  • Acting for the screen

Press Conference

All film makers in attendance will be booked for a press conference the day following their screenings. The complete list of media houses will be published online on our site. Among them will be:

  • BinAm Online Press
  • FilmBizAfrica Magazine
  • Ringas Magazin
  • Chillen Muzic
  • Nexdim Empire

Special Screening Sessions

ACSFF is dedicated to short films. Nevertheless, it will be possible to showcase feature film during a 3 days special screening session. This is to show some of the most influencial feature films Cameroon can boast of. To be part of this screenings, contact the festival team and submit your films for selection. Not any kind of film will be showcased unfortunately. Selected films will be asked to pay a screening fee during our Short film festival.

Sponsor's Events

Sponsors play a great role in making a festival to meet its goals and aspirations and being part of such a moment, some of our sponsors will be coming up with surprise events.   This could be: 
  • Dine with Stars
  • Rise & Shine
  • or Marketing their brands at a party, by them