"Celebrating Our Own"


GENERAL INFORMATION (Please read carefully)  

The submission of a short film and of the relevant Entry Form constitute full acceptance of these Entry Rules and Regulations. The organisers reserve the right to change dates and details indicated in the Call for Entry document giving prompt communication by press and by online press releases, these published on the website - www.artcitysffestival.com .

The selection of the submitted works is performed by the Festival’s Artistic Direction.

The selected works will be divided into the festival’s award categories according to the indications given by the Entrant. [Fiction/Documentary/Experimental]

Possible modifications or integrations to the present Call for Entries document are allowed for organisational purposes without any prior notice. Entrants will be able to check updates about modifications or integrations by regularly checking the festival’s website.

The program with final dates will be available on the festival website at www.artcitysffestival.com

Entrants are fully responsible for the submitted film material.

For all controversies that may arise or for matters that are not included in the present Call for Entries document, decisions and final determinations will be made by ART CITY SHORT FILM FESTIVAL president of the Organising Committee and by the artistic direction.

For the first edition, the artistic direction will be introducing an award category for “Best Film Trailer”. This could be the trailer of a feature film or a short. This category is reserved exclusively for local filmmakers. This is to promote better film promo design .Trailers are the first insight to any film, and the better the trailer, the better the promo of a film.


        1.   Entrants must fully comply with these Entry Rules and Regulations.

2.   Non-English language works must have English subtitles and be accompanied by a dialogue list in English language if possible.

3.   The competition is open to all works produced after January 1, 2010.

4.   A submitted work must pertain to one of the Festival’s categories, as indicated here below and in the online Entry Form.

5.   The short films that have been submitted to ART CITY SHORT FILM FESTIVAL can also compete for the Internet Contest with the producer’s consent. Our Artistic Direction reserves the right to select which of the short films can go up for the online contest.

6.   Each short film must not exceed 30 minutes. Only in special cases can a film run for up to 40 minutes MAX.

7.   An author can enter two short films but only one of them can be selected. Also submitting two short films does not guarantee selection. For this decision is reserved only to the festival’s Artistic direction and the festival programmers.

8.   The short film synopsis must be in English or French languages.

            9.    Deadline for entering works by mail or online is (Yet to be confirmed) (date of postage stamp).