"Celebrating Our Own"



Art City Short Film Festival is an annual showcase event of well executed movies by up-and-coming serious filmmakers. The festival will award and reward films with high level arts and innovation. The view is to elevate filmmaking standards in Cameroon and Africa by bringing artists and works by Cameroonian and Africans and also from around the world to compare notes.

The main purpose of this festival is to set a high level film art standard for the new generation of filmmakers and promote cultural exchange through motion media.


To make Art City Short Film Festival the most respected and serious African short film festival in the world.

Festival Site

We chose Buea (South West Region) to be the festival site for four reasons viz:

  1. It has a legendary hospitable and friendly climate and people,
  2. It is an art and academic Eldorado
  3. The rich coastal culture is well represented here and it also has a strong metropolitan fabric of the Cameroonian population.  
  4. It is also the heart of the South West Region and the converging point of Anglophone celebrations. It also offers a good outlet to the French speaking side of the Country. (And the intention is to make a festival which brings together films from both cultures and beyond.)


  • To ensure viability of the film industry in Cameroon.
  • To unite the English and French speaking film cultures of Cameroon.
  • To reward high standard creativity and art in a country where standards are dropping.
  • To collaborate and network with bigger film festivals to build cultural exchange.
  • Make Cameroon - Buea- a worthy destination for the world's filmmaking community.
  • Provide local filmmakers with an international market and media content outlet.
  • It is a platform for harnessing Cameroon and Africa's rich art and cultural potential to developing a well established film tradition. The festival intends to fuel the growth of the African film industry by promoting art and style in the execution of screentertainment.