2017 Opening Film


Ndonne” tells the story of an SS and AS (JENKA and BABILA) who fall love in love with each other. The doctor’s advice brings a tentative separation but their confession makes the bond even stronger. They go through and thin just to keep the relationship. Despite the advice and several plots by friends and family to separate them, they seem to glue more to each other. They finally end up eloping to find a mayor to seal the bond. Their marriage comes with a lot of misery as the cry of every new born is later followed by the sad cries of the parents. The consequences of this kind of bond is therefore established. ( love and necessity, the stronger will prevail. That’s life for an SS).



Film type Short

Run Time 23minutes 40seconds

Completion Date January 2017

Production Budget 10,000 USD

Country of origin Cameroon

Country of Filming Cameroon

Film Language Pidgin English(English subtitle)

Aspect ratio 16:9

Shooting format digital

Film color Colour

First time filmaker No

Student film No

Director's Biography:

Ndonne is Directed by Cameroonian upcoming director Tsi Conrad Aka Darnoc Ist who is also known for movies like “My Best Day” “Chicha” etc. Darnoc Ist aka TSI Conrad was born in the Nord West region of Cameroon. School pulled him through another path but his love and passion for film pulled him in. He began as a writer powered by his hobby choice back in school. His burning desire for art pushed so hard that he later created his own production house Ruphina’s House which was to grow into an informal training center for actors. He kept developing his talents and skills and today he has become a writer, an actor, DOP, editor, producer and director not just in film but stage and Music concerts. He has many movies to his name such as “zigzag,” “Samson” “hellep” “My best day” “ndonne” “Chicha” “The beast and many more.



The director is presently in government detention and custody (Kodengui) in relation to the crisis in Cameroon.



Ruphina’s House of Fame 

Cejay Productions 

Yaje Chan