4 - 8 October 2016

"Motion Picture For Development"


Kelly and Meg are humoring their father, Richard, who believes he's dying, when he isn't.

Director Biography

Michael McCallum is an award winning director/writer/actor/editor who was born in Lansing, MI where he currently resides. He started acting in 1997 started his film company, Rebel Pictures, in 1999.

His first feature film as a writer/director, Fairview St., was premiered in Jan. 2009 at Celebration Cinema, in Lansing, MI, to sell out crowds. The film was accepted into 28 film festivals nationally, played in 12 different states and won 15 major awards. It also played and won awards at festivals in India and Australia! It's the most awarded and nominated true independent feature film made in Michigan!

His second feature as a writer/director, Handlebar, premiered at Celebration Cinema in Feb. 2010 and was accepted into it's first 13 film festivals and won 5 awards.

Lucky, his third feature premiered in March of 2011 to sell out crowds again at Celebration Cinema in Lansing. It was accepted into it's first 8 film festivals and won a major award at each one.

Recently, he released a string of award-winning short films, Shadowpuppet, Slow Burn, Small Town Fireworks and Sure Thing. McCallum was also awarded, Michigan Independent Filmmaker Of the Year 2012 and asked to Direct the Production Workshop for the last two year's at the Grand Rapids Film Festival!

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