4 - 8 October 2016

"Motion Picture For Development"


A little girl can't seem to figure out why her volcano science project won't explode. Little does she know that her experiment has taken on a life of its own.

Director Biography

Marie has been a chronic doodler since day one. The moment her chubby little hands could grasp a writing utensil, she began to scribble all over everywhere! Words? Never! Instead, Marie drew pictures! She would sketch everything around her--the shoreline of her hometown Huntington Beach, her favorite Rugrats character Kimmy, and the antics of her pet corgi. It was a joyous occasion every time the sound of sweet graphite or ink slid across a fresh patch of paper. Doodling was a passion. But as much as she loved to doodle, Marie also loved to travel and find new places to call home.

She spent her high school years determined to become an international ambassador or business woman, to study the cultures of the globe and leave her footprints all over the world! And then one day, while doodling on a research paper she had yet to finish, a grand idea crept into her mind. What if…she could learn more about the world around her through drawing? What if…there was a way to collaboratively tell stories with other artists like herself from the ends of the earth? Could such an industry exist? Was it truly possible? Indeed..it was.

Armed with a tattered sketchbook, a few pencil nubs, and no animation experience, Marie plunged into her four years of college at Chapman University's Dodge College as a Digital Arts major, immersing herself in film, animation, and visual storytelling. She hopes that she will continue to have opportunities to draw, write, and create animated stories for many years to come.