4 - 8 October 2016

"Motion Picture For Development"

Think Twice

In the world of only land and sky three Friends sing, roll and play together. Their happiness is brought to a halt by the appearance of a single white chair in the horizon.
Two of the Friends slide happily on it but the third one wants it all for himself.

Director Biography

Naser Shillova was born in 1967 in a small town near Prishtina, The Republic of Kosovo. He migrated to UK in 1989 and has been living in UK ever since. Naser has attended many prestigious filmmaking institutions, such as The Moving Image Society, The Panico Studios (London Film School) and Brighton Film School to receive training in many areas of film production, including screenwriting, cinematography and film directing. Naser has contributed in many short films, music videos and adverts and continues to develop his artistic and technical skills in filmmaking.