4 - 8 October 2016

"Motion Picture For Development"

The Random

The Random is a 20 minute short film about the exclusion of the different individuals in the post revolution Libyian society and the way that every Libyian citizen tries to enforce their own opinion by force. The protagonist of the movie is a common citizen who tries to cope with the different ideologies by changing the way he dresses.

Director Biography

Osama Rezg obtained several certificates in film directing from London and Scotland. He began his career as an assistant director on several dramas in Libya then went to work in Dubai for two years and directed many commercials and documentaries.

In mid 2007, he returned to Libya and directed successful TV programs such as Bab Al Bahr, Libyan Lanterns, Files and Question Mark. Most of them obtained local prizes for television programs. He Directed the significant documentary Al-Nayhoum .... master of words, about the Libyian philosopher Sadeq Al-Nayhoum. His first comedy was the 15 episode satirical TV series On the air, written by Saleh Abu Al-sunon and produced by Allibya Channel in 2008 .
Osama also participated in the making of the drama series Every day Story and is currently working on the making of Dragunov the movie based on the successfull TV series Dragunov.
Many of Osama's works are locally and internationally recognized in film, documentaries and TV festivals such as Septimus awards in which he won the Best drama director award for Phobia in 2014 and Dragunov in 2015. He also won the Special jury award in Cairo Festival for Radio and TV Channel for Phobia.