4 - 8 October 2016

"Motion Picture For Development"


The film about a man who is aware of the consequences brought by his gambling addiction but also about his awareness that he can not change and escape from his nature.

Director  Biography

Was born in 1992.I'm studying TV directing at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade.I have directed the following movies :
1/2 (2014)
Count Down (2015)
Temper (2015)
remake of the film Reservoir dogs (2015)
Maestro (2016).
I am the winner of the national competition ,,J-factory - Done in 60 seconds" with remake of the film ,,Reservoir dogs" and I represented Serbia at International Film Festival ,,Jameson Empire Awards 2015 - Done in 60 seconds " in London.I took part in the 9th International Student Film Camp ,,Interaction 2014".