4 - 8 October 2016

"Motion Picture For Development"


InsideOut takes a the look into the life of Lee, a single black woman living by her own rules and generally on her own turf. But when tragic events force Lee to come face to face with a truth she can’t hide, Lee must decide if she will confront her fears or run the risk of being stuck inside forever.

Director Biograhy

InsideOut is the inaugural film of ReelMavens, co-founded by Rebecca Nyahay and Raushanah Simmons. The two collaborated to film the short written by Raushanah and utilized whatever resources they had available on their $150 production budget. The team of working actresses turned filmmakers has gone on to produce two more short films and is currently working on their first feature projects for ReelMavens. While they have grown significantly as filmmakers in just one year, InsideOut, although technically rough around the edges, is still their first baby and a film with heart, for which they are very proud.