4 - 8 October 2016

"Motion Picture For Development"

I am Grace

This Documentary Offers A Real-World Glimpse Into The True Identity Of A North Korean Refugee And Her Attempts To Reconnect With Society.

“I Am Grace" brings to life the inspirational journey of Grace Jo, a North Korean defector who is attempting to rebuild her life in the U.S.
With humble beginnings, Grace Jo was born in North Korea where she nearly starved to death as a child. She survived two unsuccessful attempts at escaping, where she was exiled back to North Korea by the oppressive Chinese government and suffered imprisonment and servitude.

Finally, in 2008, she was able to finally succeed and the UNHCR rescued Grace Jo from China with the help of Pastor Philip Buck. Together with this help, Grace was allowed to enter the U.S. as a legal refugee and in 2013 she became a U.S. citizen.

Director Biography

Christopher H.K. Lee is an award-winning filmmaker/writer/publisher and media artist. He has over 27 years of multi-cultural and diverse industry experience in the fields of architecture, interactive media, visual effects and animations as a director/producer and over twelve years of lecturing experience at colleges in both South Korea and the U.S. Mr. Lee has produced many feature and short films, including several others that raise awareness of Korean history, culture and current affairs titled “The Last Tear,” “Rescued by Fate,” and “Fading Away.”