4 - 8 October 2016

"Motion Picture For Development"


On the day he plans to propose to his girlfriend, Wes, a lowly shipping clerk, finds a fountain pen that cause objects to vanish. He embraces the strange phenomenon as a novelty, until it threatens to impede his romantic plans, and very existence.

Director Biography

Born in Montreal and raised on Vancouver Island, BC, Jon grew up fascinated with cinema, and began to shoot and develop photos in the darkroom from age 6. He graduated Capilano University’s Film Program in 2003, and went on to shoot hundreds of episodes of documentary television – from the waters of Alaska to the jungles of Mexico – before he settled in metro Vancouver. More recently, Jon established his production company Red Castle Films, premiered his latest short Disappeared at the 2015 San Francisco Indie Fest and is currently preparing his first feature Crypto, a sci-fi/thriller set in the Haida Gwaii.