4 - 8 October 2016

"Motion Picture For Development"

A sweet heart inside a cappuccino

A homeless man walks into a bar and after having left his two large bags on the floor, he timidly asks for a coffee, while a beautiful and elegant lady is sitting in front of a heart-shaped foam cappuccino. The bartender does not pay attention to the request of the homeless man, until he painfully throws a handful of small coins on the bar counter. The barman, quite bothered, collects them, prepares the coffee and winks sweet smiles to the lady. He goes on acidly talking about the homeless man. The lady looks at him with complicity, but then, something unexpected happens ...

The homeless man represents in a broad sense all the marginalized, but he could even be the person who sleeps under the bridge, but also a family man who has lost his job or his house or whatever. Anyway, that shows the condition of most of the people who are now living "marginalized" by society for various reasons.

Director Biography

2005-2011 Written, directed and performed in a variety of shooting short films and music videos and performances. Made dozens of DVDs of all kinds, also collaborated on several screenplays.
2012 Built in a documentary film about Ireland with the music of Whisky Trail.
2014 Director of the feature film "Uscio e Bottega"