2015 Opening Film

Two years have elapsed since NKONEESI was born, till today he cannot trike. ETHNA, his 34 years old mother is sad and desperate .she does not know what else to do. Her sister in-law, 30 years old ANNA has come to pay her a visit. Shocked by the situation, she proposes to Ethna and ZINZEU, 65 years old father of Nkoneesi to go see the great marabou of the village in order to learn more about the immobility of Nkoneesi. Their consent is given. Ethna and Anna take the road to the 55 years old tradi-practitioner NGNOMSI. After several incantations following their arrival, the marabou states that Nkoneesi is a wizard child and should be put to death. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIGdL6XQFmM