Director: Nishant Bahukhandi

Nishant Bahukhandi was born in New Delhi, India. After finishing school, he decided to go for a diploma course in animation. During his diploma he was awarded for best 3d modeler and outstanding performance in animation from MAAC (Maya academy of advance cinematic) Noida. He joined collage in 2007 for a B.Sc. degree in animation. During the first year of college, he made 2 experimental shorts - "eternal saga of life "And "Know the worth of earth". Both were done using stop motion technique(s). In 2008 he formed a metal band "The Squids" and released his first single "Way Back "in 2009. After finishing the college he moved back with his parents and started working on a new short. "The soup" is his first film as a professional.it won numerous national awards for animation and design and got selected many international festivals. His latest project is Yellow an animated short about child slavery.

A young boy finds hope in a yellow balloon but soon realizes he is a slave to his destiny.