Director: Rati Tsiteladze

Born in Georgia in 1987, Rati Tsiteladze is a martial artist, actor and director. Despite an early interest in art he
has followed his parents' decision and began training in karate. At age 21, Rati won the titles of World and
European Champion in martial arts.

Despite 17 years of successful fighting career in 2010 when filmmaking became the overpowering passion in his life, he left his career to pursue filmmaking. He moved to Los Angeles where he studied filmmaking, after which he has founded ArtWayFilm production.

Rati has directed several short films, that were awarded internationally and were screened in different film festivals around the world. Recently, he directed short film Deda (2015) alluding to his taste for long takes, a taste he structured and developed throughout his film studies.

Based on a true story about a single mother who is forced to hide her child’s existence, because of the social and cultural context in order not to become the subjects of judgment and condemnation.