Director: Jordan Wippell

Driven by a passion of all things film and after receiving a full tuition scholarship to study film in Arizona, Jordan Wippell moved from Australia to the U.S.A in pursuit of his dream to become a filmmaker.

Wearing his influences on his sleeve, Jordan has a deep love for music and an avid fascination with the dark side of existence. The 21 year old is interested in telling humanistic stories that delve into the psyche of the human condition.

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"Meat is a rich and provocative stab at self aware meta-drama..."
- Cinema Crazed (Felix Vasquez)

Influenced by the art of Barbara Kruger, noise rock and films like American Psycho (2000) and Little Children (2006). MEAT explores the raw, disturbed inner thoughts of a middle-aged man amidst an existential crisis...

As his darkest introspective musings are exposed, you may come to realise you both have more in common than first meats the eye.