Achille Brice born  in Buea, Cameroon. Before getting into Filmmaking, Achille has been a recording artist.He has a post production credit (editor) of over 8 short films, 9 feature films, 5 music videos and 6 TV commercials. He has worked in Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa and in Germany as an independent freelance filmmaker. He is a Berlinale and a Durban Talent Campus alumni and a grant holder with the Akademie Schloss Solitude. He has directed 2 films. His debut was a feature film entitled “Obsession” and later he went on to direct his first successful short film entitled “I.C.U”. 2015 saw another short film project entitled - FAKEH. Achille Brice is the Festival Director of - ArtCity Short Film Festival, Buea - Cameroon. Recently he has been very busy working on TV Commercials for big brands in Cameroon.


FAKEH tells the story of a young girl in her late twenties, who is a victim of the unfair belief in her locality that education is a privilege not extended to the girl child as their place are more demanded in farm, kitchen and in the bedroom. At the tender age of 11, Fakeh is given out into marriage by her father, in settlement of a debt he cannot pay. Her dreams of going to school and becoming the doctor she always wanted to be are shattered. Powerless, she settles into her role as wife, albeit unhappily. The docu-fiction FAKEH is an eye-opener to mirror this injustice, which is unknown to many, is rife across the world. It brings to the limelight the plight of the girl child who is generally put on a lower rung of the ladder in comparison with her male counterpart. Furthermore, this us a humanitarian cry on behalf of the girl child to stop infant marriages and put everyone on the same scale, giving them the opportunity to dream and be educated to work towards achieving those dreams.  

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