Joe Gonzales’s story begins in a rural South Texas town where a single teenaged father raised him to never be afraid of being himself. At the age of sixteen he began performing as a stand up comedian at dive bars, malls and the occasional Trigonometry class. His passion to perform led him to Hollywood where he starred in multiple commercials, TV shows and films. 
With his time in front of the camera setting the stage, he eventually became more involved behind and delved into filmmaking. This path led him to take his career in the film industry more serious and landed him at California State University Northridge where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Cinema and Television. 
Having penned multiple scripts on his own and also with a writing partner he finds himself constantly honing his craft, writing in  multiple genres and mediums. His work has received industry wide recognition and placed highly in several high profile screenwriting contests. Joe is also a family man and has been happily married for ten years and the proud father of a wonderful nine-year old daughter.

Death to CupidA lifetime of failed relationships leads one man down a dark path of revenge as he hunts down the person he blames for his misfortune.
Death to Cupid tackles the darker side of love and what it can lead the broken hearted to do.