Director: Dammie Akinmola

Dammie Akinmola has always had an interest in music. He spent his early years as a music composer and later grew an interest in filmmaking. He loved to communicate with actors and effortlessly made a connection, with his directions translating well on screen. Akinmola's music compositions also make it to his films and he finds the source of his creativity in it, giving him the motivation to create interesting and unusual scenes.

Producing music of all genres and telling stories was always an aspect that came naturally to Akinmola. However, making films was not really an interest until he played a role in a short college film made by a friend of his. After acting in this short film, Akinmola found inspiration from directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Richard Linklater and Stanley Kubrick, loving their creative visions but also their characteristics and attitudes towards life.

A game of lust and adultery of envy and wrath. Revolving around a vengeful husband whom suspects his wife of being unfaithful and has no choice but to act due to his pride. We follow him as he hunts down those who have disrespected his wife and his marriage, all through a board game which slowly but surely reveals the names of his targets. Who will fall and who will be victorious in this game of death?