Sarah Dauphiné Tchouatcha  grew up in France, in a favorable environment for art. Passionate about all sorts and shapes of artistic images, pictures, she specialized in reading Photography at School of Fine arts in Saint-Etienne. Graduted in 1993, She's  then always been exposed to experiences that all had to do with visual arts.

Settled in Cameroon in 2002, She's been teaching Plastic arts and Arts history at the French School in Yaounde.

It seems throughout the years that Middle schoolers at Fustel De Coulanges French school are gradually loosing track of their origins. This phenomenon is definitely becoming quite natural as parents and children are born in towns and big cities, very far from; villages where their grandparents lived all their lives. By so doing, a big pit is being dug, thus separating generations… For several years now, Francis SUMEGNE, the artist has been collaborating with the Arts and philosophy classes at the French School. This yearly rendez-vous is the opportunity to evaluate the students' perception of local artistic tradition. Our exchange is based on understanding tribal art as well as the animism school of thought. Different sorts of meetings and dialogues are suggested to students who reconnect in some ways with their lost or simply ignored links with their past…

Original Title « À l’école de Francis Sumégné… »

French Title « À l’école de Francis Sumégné… »

English Title « At Francis Sumégné School… »

Type Documentary

Length 20 minutes

Language French


Format DVD Format HD, Colour Subtitles English Year of production 2014 Country of production Cameroon Production Compagny Nassara Agency