Director: Gianluca Balla

Gianluca was born in 16 July 1985 in Tivoli, a little town near Rome. Since childhood he showed a natural inclination to creativity and storytelling. Gianluca spent most of his youth writing, drawing comics, painting and creating stories in role playing games as a continuous exercise for his creativity. Investigating all the aspects of human behaviour and visually communicating them is almost an obsession for the young director.

After a BA and a MA combined in Architecture and Civil Engineering at ‘Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata’ and a theatre experience as assistant director and actor, Gianluca moved in York in 2012 to start a PhD programme at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television of the University of York. Here Gianluca became passionate about digital technologies applied to films and their connection with the director's method. As a PhD student he is developing a research on the influence that the use of visual effects may have on script analysis, shot design and actor's performance.

A solitary man finds himself spying on a couple outside of his window. Sooner or later he will discover a disturbing truth behind the love.